Files, which are saved through your system hard disk or external hard drive, are not permanent. However files may get deleted due to recognized or mysterious problems. File loss or deletion is most frequent and severe dilemma facing by the majority of the computer users at this time.

Suppose you are facing file deletion or loss complications, if the files are important to you, then you can recover the documents with few simple steps by using restore software. In order to which you have best retrieve software i.e. File Recovery software, this software has capacity to recover deleted or lost files effectively without fail. In the same way you can recover deleted files from an external hard drive.

Scenarios that produces deletion or loss in files

  • Accidental Removal: Accidental deletion occurs while you are deleting unnecessary files instead of that if a person delete important documents by pressing Shift + Delete buttons then it may cause permanent deletion, you cannot find even inside Recycle Bin.
  • Virus Problems: Due to Trojan infection your computers could easily get affected, virus may get by accessing wicked sites or by saving or adding already infected data. Sometimes infection associated with some viruses removes the stored documents.
  • Abrupt System Power down: If the system shutdown improperly while preceding something on your system then files may cause get loss or deleted.
  • Unintentional Formatting of Partition: While formatting the partition to make free space on disk drive, if you format one partition instead of other then the files may acquire lost permanently.

As well as above mentioned scenarios should you encountered the complications like deletion or loss in file from your disk drive in some additional scenarios like dividing errors, file method errors, power spikes, etc. However files may be recovered by using File Recovery software.

Features of Document Recovery Software

File Recovery software can retrieve files from not just hard drive, but also from USB external drive, iPod, external disk drive etc. It really is highly equipped having advanced scanning formula that helps inside of deep scanning on this external hard drive to discover all deleted or loss in files. After encoding, it could very easily retrieve files from the hard drive. This specific software works about different versions associated with Windows (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 7 along with Windows 8) in addition to Mac (Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks) Operating System. This has capacity to recuperate data from devices like SATA, SCSI, IDE along with etc., flash memory charge cards like SD, XD, MMC, Memory Stick etc., external drives, FireWire Drives. With this eminent software you can recover files by means of file systems exactly like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HFS+, HFSX, etc. If you want to know more about how to recover deleted or loss of files click here:

Safety Precautions:

  • If you happen to be using external disk drive as a backup, then do definitely not unplug your external disk drive while accessing data on it. And always eject the external hard disk using the option “Safely Remove”.
  • Use of real anti-virus software is better for you to prevent via virus assaults.
  • Don’t use unauthorized software to partitioning or re-partitioning of computer drives, in order to avoid from file loss or deletion.

Yesterday I got shocked while I was trying to move my data from external hard disk to new laptop. The hard disk is showing error message that drive can’t be formatted, do you want to format it now? I got this error message due to severe virus attack towards the external hard drive. Can anyone help me out get back my precious data from my external hard disk? If there is any solution than kindly suggest me.

Sure, here you will get solution for the problem by going though this informative article you will come to understand how to recover data from your external hard disk.

External hard drives are mainly utilized to take backup of data and even a few of the system users will use in order to save some crucial data within the external hard. This practice is good but the majority of the times the users enter in to trouble when the information lost from external hard disk.

Among such external hard disk drives WD (Western Digital) is certainly one of popularly used external hard disks which is popular because of its stability, high storage capability, consistency. Due to this it can store huge amount of data. But because of some reasons you’ll lose data from WD external hard disk. If you lost data from external hard disk then immediately you will believe that how to recover WD external hard drive data? This can be solved by utilizing External Hard Drive Recovery Software easily.

Scenarios that are related to data loss from WD external hard disk

Accidental Format: Most of times users may unintentionally or even sometimes by forcefully they may format external hard drive. It’s because of serious virus attack the external hard disk will become inaccessible in such case if you connect to computer at that time it will show a message by saying “The drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now? “Should you format it then it leads to data loss.

Abrupt External Drive Removal: If certain data exchange process is in progress at that time if you have taken out external hard drive cable at that time. You will lose the data from external hard drive.

Data Transfer Interruption: The data transfer might be between external hard drive to system or vice versa at that time, if unexpected system shutdown is happened abruptly because of power surge then you need to face the problem of data loss out of your external hard drive.

Top features of External Hard Drive Recovery Software

  • This renowned application is having strong scanning engine by utilizing it you can scan the complete hard drive to carry out the recovery operation within small amount of time period.
  • By making use of the recovery application you can easily recover data from both internal along with external hard drive.
  • This recovery tool utilized to recover data from various external hard disk brands such as Seagate, Hitachi, Toshiba, etc.
  • It can used on other removable drives to recover data such as fire wire drive, SD cards etc.
  • It can utilize to recover data from both Mac along with Windows systems effectively. To understand more just visit this particular link:

Hi, I am using Mac computer since 6 months and I significantly use the computer to store and backup important data such as music albums, photo gallery, documents, graphics and video clips on my hard drive. Yesterday, I decided to change file system from dynamic to basic, while performing this action; my Mac computer abruptly got shutdown which in turn leads to file system error and results in hard drive inaccessible. Due to this recklessness, I lost many important files after hard drive failure. So I am here to know, is there any possible ways to recover my hard drive? If yes, please assist me in a best way. Thanks!

Well! Don’t get panic. In current era, many people are facing this inadequate situation and possibly the data can be recovered easily by using prominent Mac Hard Drive Recovery Software. Also, it allows user to perform failed hard drive recovery in a simple and effective way.

Attractive Features of Mac Hard Drive Recovery Software:

  • This software has user interface which helps beginner user to easily understand and retrieve data which is lost or deleted after hard drive failure.
  • It has an ability to retrieve deleted or lost files from various versions of Mac Operating System such as Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks.
  • This tool has capability to retrieve any kind of files such as audios, videos, graphics, presentations and documents without much difficulty.
  • With the usage of this utility user can get back files which are lost from HFSX, HFS+, FAT16, FAT32 file system after hard drive failure.
  • Apart from internal hard drive, this utility has a power to recover crashed Seagate hard disk data on Lion and Western Digital hard drive data on Leopard.
  • With the aid of this tool, user can identify and rescue various types of files on the basis of their unique signature.
  • Once you retrieve the data, you can sort file on the basis of name, date, size and file location without any struggle.
  • Also, you can preview the retrieved files before storing into any desired location.

Scenarios Responsible for hard drive failure:

File System Corruption: File system is used to store and retrieve every file in the drive and it contains necessary information regarding the file. If file system is corrupted due to any technical reasons then there is a possibility for hard drive failure which results in huge data loss.

Re-Partitioning Hard Drive: You may decide to re-partition hard drive to add one or more volume. While performing this task, abrupt system shut down due to power failure or sudden system reboot might result in disaster of Mac hard disk.

Apart from above mentioned scenarios there are other reasons such as Master Boot Record corruption, software conflicts, OS failure, re-formatting failure, etc. may also leads to hard disk failure. Luckily, by using Mac hard drive recovery software you can recover files which are lost after hard drive failure.

Additional Info:

If your data got deleted or lost from Mac hard drive then by using this reliable software you can retrieve it easily. To know more about how to recover data from Mac hard drive, visit this page:

Excel is a most popular spreadsheet application designed by the Microsoft. Today Excel is one of the widely used spreadsheet in most of the organizations and by individuals. These Excel sheets will facilitate with many features like calculation, pivot tables, macro programming etc. Microsoft has released many Excel versions till date some recent versions are MS Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013. Microsoft Excel can also be seen in Mac based systems.

However, if you have accidentally deleted Excel report file then it’s really very tough to digest. So in such cases users will start to think how deleted Excel file can be recovered. If this is your situation then don’t get panic because, most of the file recovery tools are available in market today, which will help you to find deleted Excel files Easily. Among these one of the most used recovery tool is Excel File Recovery Tool.

Reasons behind Excel File Deletion

  • If you go for disk clean by making use of “Disk Cleanup” utility then in such case without your knowledge most of the files may get deleted along with Excel files.
  • Sometime, severe virus may attack your system for which may scan your system using an updated anti-virus tool. But during the scanning process your essential files including Excel files might get deleted.
  • Excel files may get deleted due to interrupted file transfer. That is, if you eject removable device from system during file transfer process, then the files which are under transfer process may get deleted.
  • While choosing unwanted files for deletion you may accidentally select your required Excel file and perform the delete operation.

Features of Excel File Recovery Tool

  • This tool has capability to recover deleted Excel files from different Excel file deletion scenarios.
  • It can also recover deleted Excel files from system hard drive and also from other storage devices like external hard drive, Pen drive, Flash drive, Thumb drive etc.
  • Excel File Recovery Tool has simple user interface which helps any non technical person to perform the Excel file recovery operation.
  • It has strong scanning algorithms that can scan your entire device to get back deleted Excel files in an efficient way.
  • This application is well compatible with Windows versions like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and even Windows server versions also.
  • The Excel File Recovery Utility can also be used to recover deleted Excel files on Mac based systems.
  • You can easily recover deleted Excel files from FAT, NTFS and ExFAT partitions/drives.
  • Apart from Excel file recovery, it can also recover various other files like Word files, image files, audio files, video files, etc. To know more about this file recovery software click on the given link:

Precautions to avoid the Excel File Deletion

  • Avoid going for Disk Cleanup utility without taking the backup.
  • Maintain updated anti virus for your system that will avoid severe virus attack for files.
  • Avoid abrupt ejection of removable device while file transfer is in progress.

Most of the system users face scenarios like media files lost or deleted from their hard drive or any other storage device without their knowledge. In this kind of situation it’s really tough time for anyone to take this kind of media file loss scenario. Media files include audio, video and movies, these media files will act as most important source for entertainment for any one.

If this is your situation then don’t fret because these kinds of situations are common with digital media storage devices, due to human mistakes or by any system issues your media files may get loss. However it can be possible to recover media files from digital media storage device that have been lost or deleted by any kind of loss or deletion scenarios. This recovery task can be accomplished by using most trusted recovery tool known as Digital Media Recovery.

Some possible scenarios you may find with digital media file loss or deletion

Accidental Deletion:  Accidental deletion can be seen in many ways, you may accidentally delete media files while deleting some unwanted files or else you may delete media files by making use of “ Shift + Delete” keys. In this case deleted files will by pass the recycle bin or Trash in Mac based system.

Virus Attack: Digital media storage devices are encountering the problem of virus attack. The virus may attack your system when you are downloading file from untrusted websites or connecting virus infected removable devices to the system.

Interrupted Read/Write Process: If you are copying files or transferring files from any removable media to the system. During this if any interruption occurs then it leads to loss of media files and sometimes it may corrupt your digital media storage device also.

Format:  Format can be done knowingly or unknowingly and if you have performed format without taking back of your media files then you have to face huge amount of media file loss problems.

Features of Digital Media Recovery

  • It has very powerful scanning engine by making use of this it can be possible to recover huge amount of media files like images, video clips and audio etc.
  • It can be possible to perform recovery task on various removable storage brands like Kingston, HP, and Toshiba etc.
  • This renowned application has capacity to recover various media file formats of Audio, Video and image are listed below

Audio file formats are: MP3, MP4, MIDI etc.
Video file formats are: MPEG, DIVX, 3G2, 3GP, MOV etc.
Image file formats are: JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, BMP etc.

  • With the help of this application it is possible to recover media files from various memory cards like SD, XD, CF, MMC and etc.
  • This application can be used to recover media files from any of the storage devices like external hard drive, USB drive, pen drive, Flash drive, iPods etc. To know more in details of iPods song recovery then go through this link:
  • It can also possible to recover media files from both Windows as well as Mac based systems.

In classic cameras you might have seen that there had been no flash cards therefore after clicking photos they used to spend much time in dark room to develop the photos, today this kind of situation is completely eliminated by utilizing Compact Flash cards. Yes, nowadays CF card has gained popularity due to the flexible features such as large amount of data storage capability etc. However by utilizing suitable card reader you will see photos from CF card after connecting it to your system.

Perhaps after considering striking top features of CF card, you also need to know the data loss scenarios of CF card. Unlike other memory card CF card can also be having data loss scenarios and when your CF card has lost or deleted any data from it, then no need to worry because you can utilize a reliable tool to recover images from CF card. This recovery task can be accomplished by utilizing CF card recovery software.

Data loss or deletion scenarios from compact flash card

Interruption During Data Transfer: While photo transfer process is in progress between CF card and system. In such case if sudden system shuts down occurs your photo are in threat of getting lost from the card.

Formatting: As you know in both cases like intentional formatting or unintentional formatting data loss is common. Sometimes without taking the actual backup of CF card you might go for formatting the card or because of severe virus attack often your CF card stops the data access from it, in such case forcefully you choose formatting the card.

Accidental Deletion: While previewing photos from camera sometimes you might select valid photo to delete rather than unwanted photo and click delete button, during this process you will lose photos from your CF card.

Most striking features of CF card recovery software

  • This CF Card recovery software allows you to recover data from 32 GB CF card as well as 64 GB cards using its advanced scanning algorithm.
  • This tool has capacity to recover data from various CF card brands such as SanDisk, Kingston, Lexar, etc.
  • This advanced utility is designed so that by making utilization of this tool you can easily recover different files like documents, zip files, audio files and many more.
  • This application has capacity to support Type-I and Type-II Compact Flash memory cards.
  • Most reliable CF card recovery tool has capacity to recover different image file formats like JPEG, TIFF, PNG, JPG etc.
  • This product also supports to recover RAW and CR2 kind of image files. I
  • This software is smartly designed with “preview” option which allows you to know about recovered data before you go to purchase the licensed version of CF recovery product.
  • This software perfectly operates on Mac and Windows based operating system. For more details click this link:

Precautions to avoid data loss scenarios

  • Avoid interrupting while data transfer process is in progress.
  • Prevent virus attack by utilizing updated antivirus tool.
  • Always take away the CF card using safe removal option rather than abruptly removing.

Most of the user downloads media files such as images, audio, videos, etc from internet. Sometime, end user downloads media files, but doesn’t know the root where they have stored and again download such files. Like this you will have media files number of time on system drive. However, duplicate files are simply waste and occupy space on system disk drive. Your system disk drive might have number of multimedia files and many of them are redundant. It reduces the computer performance and takes more time to perform different operation on computer. Now you can easily erase files from computer with the help of Digital Media Recovery application. To get more information about deleting duplicate files, visit this site

Suppose, you have saved images on different location, when you find such files then it will take time to point that images. It affects on the speed and also takes more time to open other installed applications. So these files need to be identified and removed from the computer hard disk drive. It is not possible without using third party utility. Hence, this is the perfect software to delete duplicate files.

Why this application is useful?

This utility removes duplicate files stored on various locations of the hard drive, speeds up indexing and reduces the backup time. It optimizes system drive and removes all unnecessary clones having storage space on disk drive. It removes unnecessary files, make free valuable disk space and improve the performance.

Benefits of this software are stated below:

  • It’s more reliable, safe and run more faster than other app
  • To eliminate synchronize situation it deletes duplicate files
  • It reduces times to search files
  • It deletes duplicate files and increases the storage space on disk
  • Reduce the time to take backup on some other storage drive
  • Find and compare content of duplicate files and removes one of them from the storage drive

Note: It is completely free software that you can download from the official site and install it on your personal computer. After installation select particular drive from where you want to find duplicate files and gives accurate result. It also sorts the list of duplicate files and acted upon. By using this app duplicate files can be removed, moved or copied and also result can be saved.

This powerful tool is capable to remove duplicate media files from any versions of Mac OS like Mac OS X, Leopard, Lion, OS X Mavericks, etc. as well as Windows Operating system for example Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows XP, etc. In addition this ultimate utility removes clone files from numerous other storage media like memory card (CF card, SD card, SDXC, SDHC, Mini SD), external HDD, pen drive, thumb drive, etc. It is developed in such a way under the guideness of experts which scans the complete hard disk drive and display instruction on the screen such that even novice user can perform operations. Along this feature, it also has capacity to removes junk files, browsing history, cookies, saved password with few mouse clicks. It works on various partitions as an example FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS, HFSX, etc.

Outlook PST files use folders to set up data, however folders are distinct from a folders which might be saved on your computer hard drive. It offers a superior the supports for multilingual Unicode data and avail different size is dependent upon the versions of Outlook and has function to encrypt the PST file by making use of password to deliver security. If you utilize personal folder table like PST to store MS Outlook items that may likely that your PST file might be corrupted on account of various unknown reasons like abnormal termination, virus infection and the like.

In some instance should you be unable to connect to the emails saved in the PST file and seeking a best supply of them back then you certainly require the third party repair software. If you do then make using corrupt PST file repair software to result from the discussed situation. To recognize the complete information, just click here Outlook 2007 far better versions provide more advantages then these older versions. As an illustration; presume, while upgrading in case you encounter any interruption like power failure that may cause the damage of PST file. Later if you try to open the saved emails as soon as the system restart that shows an oversight message that PST file is just not responding. With this condition employ this highly rated corrupt PST file fix app to solve the created issues in PST file within short period of time.

The PST file in Microsoft Outlook has size limit, once it reaches beyond the dark size limit that may becomes inaccessible. In Outlook 2000 and 2003 the size limit of PST file is 2GB but also in higher versions has larger space can rival the lower versions. In the event the size exceeded on the higher versions then you might lose great deal of data saved in PST files.

The virus enters into laptop computer, while downloading some files through the untrusted sites or you connect any virus infected external drive to computer then this PST file gets infected t with the virus. Not only have that resulted in corruption issue.

Moving forward stated scenarios there are many other factors that affects on the PST file like abnormal termination, power surge and others. This prominent software supports repairs PST files created on all versions of Outlook example Outlook 2000, 2003 far better versions coming from all Windows OS. If repairs the PST files regardless of whether it is password protected or that can not be repair by making use of inbuilt repair tool in Outlook i.e. scanpst. This best rated software is capable to importing a PST file in Outlook. By using utility you’ll be able to repair corrupted PST file in case you don’t know the location of your respective PST files. It simply reads the corrupted source file and fosters a new healthy file without alteration.

Whenever few favorite movies, precious image, essential   Ms Office files / folders are deleted   by simply clicking on the Delete Key of your respective keyboard you could restore those through the Recycle Bin at any time as all of the deleted folders and files are   stored in it automatically. But, in the event if scenario  is much like  you’ve  accidentally or unknowingly deleted  some of the  vital file and folder by hitting shift+ delete keys, emptied Recycle Bin ,  overflow  or any other reasons  then it’s by no means   simple to  restore files and folders deleted under all above scenarios

This doesn’t imply that you’ll never catch your deleted files and folders. You can restore all deleted files and folders   any moment if not over written by another files. To recover files deleted from recycle bin you will need to utilize effective and strong 3rd party recovery tool. So, now deletion of files by any means isn’t any more a troubling situation. Follow this link and obtain a flawless and ideal tool for the file and folder recovery.

Here   you’ll get    every piece of information concerning the software along with some tips to rescue file and folder losses because of large sized file for Recycle Bin, folders or files deleted from Recycle Bin and lots of other such scenarios. Additionally, you will find some preliminary steps that will help you to work with the application smoothly.

Software Suggested by Massive Users to revive Files and folders

PC users  who’ve  deleted their files and folders under awful  data loss  scenarios like Recycle Bin  over flow, deleting files / folders by Shift + Delete keys combination, etc. can use file and folder recovery tool to recover all sorts of delete files and folders. It is a widely used File and “Folder Recovery Software” which is right choice to recover deleted file too large for Recycle Bin. You many users have manipulated this application and discovered it the most effective tools available on the web.  It has got outstanding and modern features / algorithms to recover deleted file too large for Recycle Bin and also to restore deleted files from Recycle Bin. It can instantly retrieve your entire crucial files that you’re not capable to fetch because of deletion in few clicks.

Well-Liked Features of the File and Folder Recovery Software

  • This software permits to save recovered files on any external or internal storage drive such as thumb drives, memory sticks, etc.
  • Feasible for recovery of deleted files and folders from Mac Volumes for both 32bit and also 64bit Mac OS X.
  • File and Folder Recovery Software reinstates files and folders deleted from Mac volumes by making use of its powerful disk scanning algorithm.
  • It restore files deleted from internal computer hard disk and plus it brings back folders and files from external drives like memory cards, pen drives, etc.



As a result of developing technology innovation, utilization of memory space is increasing. Yet, there safety measure remains an issue. Anyhow, now it can be no more problem to unerase files. Using File recovery software can simply retrieve the actual lost files. Recuperating files in the folder are critical, when your OS fails or crashes and you lose precious files. There are probabilities that you may lose critical files. However, if you are thinking for a best way to retrieve deleted files, then here exists one particular great option that can help you to get back lost file or even folder which is important for anyone, and you could think that the recovery of files can be a impossible task. Although, there are several successful ways to retrieve files and enables you to access files that are lost. By employing this file recovery software  you can unerase files within a few momemts.

The reasons for the loss of files are as follows:

File system corruption: Sometimes, File system corruption results in loss of files on the system. When a file system will get damaged, all the files turn out to be inaccessible & it will lead to error message display. In such conditions you’ll need a very good file recovery software to get back lost files even after header file corruption.

Virus attack: The virus can be a major hazard towards the PC, because it has the ability to corrupt all files kept in your laptop hard drive. As a result of this file loss can take place on the system.

Frequent Power failure: Sometimes, you could keep working on PC for long period of time without gap. If at all we have a power failure due to which abrupt shutdown happen, it might result in loss  of all the files present on it. Files loss may also happen when there is power failure and the file you were working on, has not saved. As a result of this a huge amount of data loss may happen.

Prominent features of Folder recovery software :

  • By using this file recovery software it is possible to recover files effortlessly, because of its highly equipped features.
  • Compatibility of the software is very good along with the Windows machines in addition to Mac products. You’ll be able to get a demo version and run this on your laptop before you get a licensed version.
  • Operation with the software is easy to get back a lot of the file types, which generally a quality of excellent product.
  • The major features of file recovery software is,  it can be able to retrieve various files like JPG, AVI,MOV, PNG from severely damaged partitions.
  • The Application constitutes of a Preview option. Employing this option you can see the many files before you save it. This provides you with a idea about how precisely numerous files are retrievable. For more information visit: